Global Energy and Natural Resources Report 2022 – Bain & Company

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Ce rapport de Bain & Company examine les tendances actuelles et les perspectives futures pour les industries de l’énergie et des ressources naturelles à l’échelle mondiale.

Summary by Beesnest

In its second annual report on the energy and resource transition, Bain & Company outlined the current state of progress towards a more sustainable future. Three themes were identified as shaping this work: innovation, impact, and economics.

Innovation involves the implementation of transformative technologies and practices for companies to prosper and preserve the planet. Impact focuses on maintaining social licenses to operate businesses in our communities and delicate environments through working closely with customers and stakeholders. Economics underlines the financial requirements for these transitions, necessitating exceptional economic value creation to attract capital and access resources.

Bain’s research gives reasons for cautious optimism, with Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) companies investing equally in innovation, impact, and economics, indicating a forward-thinking attitude. Interestingly, fewer than 15% of capital investment decisions are based solely on economic factors.

The report includes three main sections: data-based insights, meaningful trends, and essential capabilities. It paints a comprehensive picture of the sector’s intentions, actions, and responses using surveys of over 1,000 executives and a new database tracking investment decisions of the top 125 ENR companies. It highlights key trends in talent management, stakeholder engagement, and circularity and sheds light on crucial capabilities like agile strategies, openness to mergers and acquisitions, and fresh perspectives on operations and sustainability.

The overall outlook is positive, with Bain confident about the value creation and contributions to be made in the ENR sector in the future, despite the challenging journey ahead.

Veuillez noter qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une liste exhaustive de toutes les informations contenues dans le rapport, mais plutôt d’un résumé de certains points et chiffres clés. Pour plus d’informations, veuillez lire le rapport complet.

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